Create Commercialization Confidence with On/Off Adaptability

image of on/off switch for article about interim CCO

De-risk Phase II/III Commercial Investments by Leveraging an iCCO (Interim Chief Commercial Officer)

It is a familiar scenario.  Phase II/Phase III biotech companies hire a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) to help guide product commercialization, yet it is a risky endeavor.  Recently, we worked with an orphan drug lung disease company located in Austin, TX.  They needed commercial expertise and execution guidance, but were reluctant to make the expensive investment in a Chief Commercial Officer in the early stages.

It is a conundrum for companies taking their products through the commercialization milestones.  They need the market expertise, but hesitate to make the investment.  If they hire a full-time commercial lead, they may have to turn around and let them go with a negative pivotal trial readout.  To mitigate this risk, they hired Bridge as an interim CCO.

The benefits were visible immediately.  They were able to execute commercial priorities by mapping the deliverables that were most important to their company.  In this case, we provided full commercial support at appropriate levels through Phase III readout.  This included a “commercialization roadmap”, commercial & medical affairs imperatives for the US and EU, creation of a four-year commercial budget, recommendations of five VPs of marketing at readout and alignment of the Executive Team and Board of Directors.

The company was able to save 50% over the cost of a full time Chief Commercial Officer without compromising on the deliverables or market expertise.  In addition, Bridge was able to provide crucial commercial support during a turbulent two-year period.  Most importantly, they did not need to terminate a full-time CCO, which would have had negative financial implications and a potential decrease in team morale.

iCCO (Interim Chief Commerical Officer) leadership enables all the benefits of a CCO without the risks.  In addition, your organization can build confidence with an “On/Off” adaptability not possible with a full time hire.  Bridge can jump in and out as the business dictates, delivering key commercial imperatives along the way.

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