Switzerland is one of the best and most innovative locations for biotechnology in Europe

Image of Swiss alps and flag for article on biotech.

Switzerland is one of the best and most innovative locations for biotechnology in Europe. Local companies hold leading positions throughout many sectors and thus attract capital and researchers from all over the world. Switzerland offers an outstanding framework for procuring capital. (https://www.s-ge.com/en/publication/fact-sheet/biotechnology).  Anchored by Roche and Novartis, Switzerland is perfectly poised to support innovative biotech companies.

My top picks for Switzerland:

FoRx Therapeutics, Basel, are developing compounds against targets involved in the repair of collapsed DNA replication forks.  Synthetic lethality refers to the genetic principle in which the combination of two genetic perturbations is lethal, where each individually is not. Oncogene-induced DNA replication stress, a hallmark of cancer7, makes cancer cells dependent on repair pathways for collapsed DNA replication forks. FoRx Therapeutics is developing small chemical inhibitors of these repair pathways to specifically target cancer cells, while sparing normal cells.

Scailyte, Basel, focuses on the discovery and development of biomarkers for precision medicine using single-cell data and AI fully exploits the power of cutting-edge technologies in translational research. They are paving the way for the development of new life-saving diagnostics and next-generation therapeutics for complex diseases.

AC BioScience, Ecublens, is developing innovative approaches in the way they develop and apply new vascular normalizers that help drugs to better access solid tumors and oxygenation, thereby increasing the efficacy of all types of chemo and radiotherapy.

Secondly, with a Beta-carboline derivative showing outstanding pre-clinical results, their aim is to revert the tumor phenotype in order to improve MHC-1 mediated antigens presentation, and thereby potentiate the efficacy of anti PD-1 therapy.

AMAL Therapeutics, Geneva, have developed a proprietary KISMA® Platform, that can uniquely and simultaneously provide all the parameters essential for an efficient therapeutic vaccine.  It can induce helper and cytotoxic T cells, promote immunological memory and target a broad patient population (different antigen and HLA restriction).

KISIMA® immunization is shown to work in synergy with different immune checkpoint inhibitors in several tumor models.  KISIMA® technology can be used to deliver tumor-associated antigens, neo-antigens and modified epitopes.

HAYA Therapeutics, Lausanne, has developed long, non-coding RNAs, IncRNAs, which are a unique class of regulatory molecules that bridge the analog world of proteins with the digital world of nucleic acids both DNA & RNA to regulate disease associated cellular processes in response to the environment.  HAYA has developed proprietary tools and methods to interrogate lncRNA biology, identifying exquisitely tissue- and cell-type specific therapeutic targets.

Their proprietary drug discovery engine enables us to discover and generate a pipeline of lncRNA targeting anti-fibrotic candidates for many tissues including lung, kidney, liver and the tumor microenvironment. These lead targets have the potential for significantly greater efficacy, safety and accessibility than existing treatments.