Seattle is home to an ever-growing local life sciences industry

Image of Seattle skyline.

Several well-known institutions are based in the Seattle area, such as Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterAllen Institute for Brain Science and the Institute for Systems Biology, along with startups including Adaptive Biotechnologies and Sana Biotechnology, launched recently by former executives from Juno Therapeutics, another Seattle company that was acquired by Celgene for $9 billion. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the UW also help bolster the growing local life sciences industry. (Source)

Here are some really cool biotech companies in Seattle.

Presage Biosciences – Their patented CIVO® (Comparative In Vivo Oncology) technology delivers microdoses of multiple drugs to different regions of a tumor, while the tumor is still in the patient. Observing molecular and cellular responses to drugs and combinations in a naturally occurring tumor has the potential to provide a more detailed understanding of tumor biology. 

ImmuSoft – Engineered B cells as biofactories for therapeutic protein delivery, a novel approach that they have pioneered. Their approach, called Immune System Programming (ISP™) entails collecting a type of the patient’s immune cells, called B cells. In response to immune stimulation, B cells can turn into biofactories (known as plasma cells), each of which manufactures and secretes thousands of antibodies per second. ImmuSoft harnesses this biofactory capability of the plasma cell by programming B cells to produce personalized protein therapeutics.

Shape Therapeutics – Using the unlimited potential of AI & RNA.  Combining Artificial Intelligence and RNA technology to make programmable RNA medicine available to everyone.

Cyrus Biotechnology – A pre-clinical-stage biotech company combining protein design and screening to create novel biologics for serious unmet medical needs. Using this approach, they are developing an early pipeline of innovative programs in multiple indications. They are partnering with leading biotech and pharma companies and research institutes to bring collaborative programs forward from discovery to the clinic.

In the pipeline, they currently have partnerships with Taktos Therapeutics for rare diseases, Selecta Biosciences for autoimmunity, CRISPR# with the Broad Institute as well as in-house programs.