Salt Lake City, Utah: A closer look at the number three genomics market in the U.S.

Image of Salt Lake City for article on genomics market.

Did you know that Salt Lake City,Utah ranks as the number three genomics market in the nation, based on innovation, talent and growth metrics. In addition, Utah leads the nation in job growth in the life sciences industry.  Companies such as ARUP Laboratories, BD, BioFire Diagnostics, Biomerics, Edwards Lifesciences, Fresenius Medical Care, GE Healthcare, Merit Medical, Myriad Genetics, Nelson Laboratories, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Stryker, Tolero Pharmaceuticals, Varex Imaging, and others have facilities in Utah. (BioUtah)

Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah.  Utah has a competitive advantage in the life sciences because of our trained workforce, intellectual capital, historical expertise, and government support. These components create fertile ground for the state’s innovation ecosystem as we collaborate and work together to build a world-class life sciences hub. (BioUtah)

Here are my top 5 picks:

IONIQ Sciences uses the body’s electrical properties change in the presence of cancer to non-invasively detect malignancy in its earliest stages.  The IONIQ System utilizes Electrical Impedance Analytics (EIA) to take up to 13,125 electrical readings of the body over a 20-minute period. Their proprietary algorithm processes this data to determine the likelihood of malignancy in its earliest, most-treatable stages.

IONIQ is integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further improve performance and expand from its “Breakthrough” ProLung Test to a Multi-Cancer Screen.

Recursion Pharmaceuticals manufactures an integrated Recursion Operating Systems that creates a closed-loop system combining proprietary in-house data generation and advanced computational tools to generate novel insights to initiate or accelerate therapeutic programs.  They iterate on this approach to create a virtuous cycle of learning within our system and progress programs at each stage of discovery and pre-clinical development.

Q Therapeutics is developing innovative cell therapies for debilitating CNS diseases by boosting the body’s natural support and repair mechanisms to restore neuron function and health.  Q Therapeutics is uniquely focused on a glial cell therapeutic approach to treating neurodegenerative diseases and damage to the brain

Q-Cells® – our first cellular therapeutic candidate – are human glial progenitor cells that give rise to two types of specialized glial cells, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes.

PEEL Therapeutics began with a focus on cancer-fighting proteins in elephants, and quickly recognized the power of using evolution’s solutions to treat and prevent disease.  Our expanded drug development pipeline now includes other compounds that also originate from nature.  PEEL’s Neutrophil Targeting Peptide (NTP) comes from a small protein in newborns during the first 48 hours of life that blocks inflammation.  PEEL’s anti-cancer small molecule originates from the leaf of an ancient Chinese tree used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years. Our company exists at the intersection between nature and technology with a robust and growing drug development pipeline based on over 55 million years of evolution’s Research & Development.   

Stella Diagnostics, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics-based organization focused on improving patient management strategies for over 60 million people living with severe esophageal disease. Stella Diagnostic’s mass spec proteomic assays will offer physicians insight into the molecular properties of their patients’ tissue to determine if the disease is stable, progressing or turning cancerous. Stella Diagnostics is developing first-line diagnostic tools that provides superior molecular information for providers as compared to the current standard screening protocols.