Re-introducing Bridge Consulting

Dear Biotech Colleagues,

While Bridge Consulting is in our 15th year of providing commercialization expertise to our emerging biotech company clients, our website has been down for a period of time but I am thrilled to state it is now back – completely revised and pin points the areas of commercial expertise we provide!

Here’s the URL:

We hope you like it and find it easy to navigate. We think it is pretty cool so have a look and let us know!


Russ Belden
President & CEO
Bridge Consulting LLC

Bridge Consulting In Brief
We provide commercial expertise to emerging biotech companies from Pre-clinical to Phase 3 readout.

Key Client Services

  • interim Chief Commercial Officer (iCCO) leadership to Phase 3 companies
  • Defensible Commercial Assessments & Differentiation that drive investor commitment and portfolio prioritization
  • Market Access / Pricing & Reimbursement
  • Clinical Decision Modeling for early stage clinical programs
  • Commercial Learning Modules
  • Biotech Commercialization Blog (see below)

About Russ Belden & Team
After 16 years in drug development, commercialization, market planning & forecasting at Genentech Inc., I founded Bridge Consulting and over the past 15 years we have worked with over 50 Preclinical through launch stage cancer, neuro, rare, gene therapy & specialty companies. I also serve as the Commercial Expert in the “California Life Science Institute (CLSI) Expert Network & FAST Programs,” (Please see the Expert Network page on the CLSI website).

We have an ongoing collaboration with Tessellon Inc., who are experts in epidemiology and forecasting across 80 countries and several other biotech drug developers and commercial specialists.

Biotech Blog
We will be routinely posting concise descriptions of biotech commercialization issues and how we think about them. We hope to inform a broad audience that creates an ongoing dialogue with interested executives at emerging biotech companies and investors. I look forward to engaging with you!