Ireland is Home to 24 of the World’s Top Biotech and Pharma Companies

Image of Dublin for article on Irish biotech and Pharma companies.

According to the Silicon Republic, Ireland is a home for 24 of the world’top biotech and pharma companies.  AstraZeneca, J&J, Pfizer, Shire and AbbVie all have homes in Ireland.  Why?  Pharma companies enjoy the benefits of an English-speaking population, friendly business environment, a favorable tax environment and a well-educated workforce.  In fact, Ireland has one of the world’s lowest corporate tax rates at just 12.5%. (Innopharma Education).

Read my top 5 up and coming Irish companies below:

Iterum Therapeutics, Dublin, is marketing Sulopenem, the first oral and IV penem antibiotic demonstrating a potent spectrum of activity against multi-drug resistant gram-negative infections in both the hospital and community settings.  The main target is UTIs and intra-abdominal infections.

PerfuzeGalway, have developed the Millipede 088 to address the Unmet Clinical Need for a simple, repeatable way to completely reperfuse an occluded brain blood vessel in a single attempt in stroke patients. 

Trinity Biotech, Dublin, develops high quality assays for the Point of Care (POC) setting. Their POC range allows healthcare providers to give fast and accurate results as an aid in patient diagnosis for HIV, Infectious Diseases, Drugs of Abuse and Fertility.

Organic Vaccines, Dublin, is a life sciences company at the clinical stage of development, dedicated to delivering personalized therapies utilizing one’s own cells (one blood sample equals 10 years of vaccines) Organic Vaccines is positioned for First-in-Man in 12 to 18 months, followed by Phase III multi-centric clinical trials.  Organic Vaccine’s technology addresses uncovered therapeutic aspects for HPV and influenza, and provides an answer to the demand for « green » vaccines, with no side effects.

Avadel, Dublin, has developed FT218 is an investigational formulation of sodium oxybate leveraging our proprietary drug delivery technology and designed to be taken once at bedtime for the treatment of EDS and cataplexy in adults with narcolepsy.