Bridge Roadmap

The iterative process of developing the Bridge Roadmap informs the prioritization of which long time line commercial imperatives need to be initiated and which key personnel need to hired. We gain alignment with the Executive team on both the 30 day and 180 day prioritization. With Executive team alignment of the Commercialization priorities, we begin the actual commercialization imperatives and key FTE searches.

Commercial Assessments & Defensible Revenue Forecasting

Bridge is adept in defining the most credible & defensible sources of information for forecasting and eliminating those that aren’t. Commercial assessments also require prioritization of: 

  • Which indications will be evaluated,
  • The competitive set for each indication
  • The geographic scope (e.g. US only, US + EU5 + Japan + China) of the assessment and which geography(s) are most important.

Key Commercial & Medical Affairs Talent Acquisition

Bridge helped us answer the question from our board, “What are we getting and what are we giving up?”

With a rigorous and aligned job description in place, Bridge works with the client to prioritize which capabilities and experiences are most important and we develop an excel model to rate each candidate. That excel summary, our interview notes & insights, become the basis of our candidate reviews and ultimately a narrowing of candidates to the final 2-3 for Executive team & BOD interviews. 

Commercialization Strategy by Key Geography

For some time, the US has been the priority geography to focus commercialization strategy on (e.g. go-it-alone or find a co-promote partner) followed by the EU5 and Japan. More recently China has come into focus as its healthcare systems mature and personal income rise.Prior to a pivotal trial data readout, and with finite resources, emerging biotech’s need to prioritize which key geography to build transactional analysis for.