Interim CCO

Bridge provides “hands on” vital interim Chief Commercial Officer (iCCO) leadership to identify, prioritize and execute the commercial imperatives required to successfully launch a Phase III drug and provide ongoing and consistent leadership to the Executive Team and Board until the CCO is hired. 

Our work inspires Executive team confidence encompassing a vast range of commercialization expertise including: 

  • Leading the execution of all Commercial imperatives and CCO search till pivotal trial readout 
  • Bridge Commercialization Roadmap 
  • Commercial Assessments & Revenue Forcasting  
  • Commercial & Medical Affairs Talent Acquistion & Onboarding
  • Commercial Stategy Across Geographies  

Bridge absorbs the company’s risk of hiring a CCO prior to pivotal trial data readout.

iCCO cost is ~50% of early CCO hire that includes expensive search fee and 6-12m severance with a negative pivotal trial.