Bridge Roadmap

The Bridge Roadmap (BR) is a highly specific view of the FTEs, key commercial imperative activities & costs and timelines required for a successful commercial launch. The “Roadmap” generation and assimilation sets clear commercialization expectations with the Executive Team & Board. CFO’s are thrilled to see how much capital is required to data read out and commercial launch. That informs our capital raise needs.

Commercial Assessments & Defensible Revenue Forecasting

Bridge’s commercial assessments & revenue forecasts provide the analytical framework & rigor that inspire confidence in portfolio decisions, launch year forecasts and stand up to investor diligence. Before initiating a commercial assessment, Bridge identifies how the client intends to use the commercial assessment information, (e.g. portfolio decision or, to win investor support) as that informs the shape and resources of the work.

Key Commercial & Medical Affairs Talent Acquisition

The Bridge Team streamlined the CCO search process which led to a top CCO selection.

The Bridge iCCO model & capabilities includes the identification of, contracting for and onboarding of the CCO juxtaposed with the Phase III readout.

Our search capabilities include 20+ years of biotech C-suite searches with a “shrewd” and responsive search team. The team has extensive Human Resource capabilities especially suited for small emerging biotech companies.  

The search process begins by working closely with the company creating a job description that is aligned with the Executive team’s vision of the position. We finalize the search parameters including geographic considerations and compensation. 

Commercialization Strategy by Key Geography

It is critical for emerging biotech companies to deliberately define their commercialization strategy for each key geography, (e.g. US, EU5, Japan, China, ROW).

Board of Director’s will frequently ask the question: “What are we getting and what are we giving up?” in a transaction with a partner.

Understand and quantifying what you get and what you give up takes transactional expertise.