Bridge Roadmap

“As the iCCO, Russ became a key member of the Executive team leading commercialization until the Phase III readout and CCO arrival.”

With Executive team alignment of the Commercialization priorities, the Bridge team immediately begin executing on the actual commercialization imperatives and key FTE searches. In that transition, Russ’s role changes from Commercialization “consultant” to interim Chief Commercial Officer (iCCO). 

Russ works through the CEO or COO authorizing active work streams and budgets in advance and routinely reports to Executive Team & BOD. With positive pivotal trial data, we on board the CCO within 2-4 weeks and Russ drives the transition plan and “steps out” when the CCO has their footing. Russ is available as a “Commercial Consigliere” to the CCO on an ongoing basis. 

Commercial Assessments & Defensible Revenue Forecasting

Prior to Phase III trial readout, Russ and his team of commercial partners inspired Executive Team & BOD confidence in the transition to a commercial company!

Bridge utilizes an iterative process for commercial assessments with clients frequently reviewing key content and assumptions for both understanding and alignment. 

“Bridge represented us in diligence with Big Pharma companies successfully defending our commercial valuations.” Russ co-developed and leads a two day Biotech Primer course on BioPharma Revenue Forecasting (see the BP site @ www.biotechprimer.com).

Key Commercial & Medical Affairs Talent Acquisition

After identifying & vetting 10 CCO candidates, Russ & his team netted out the top 3 candidates for the Executive team & BOD interviews and final selection.

With a final candidate selection, we work with the company to develop & make the offer and close the deal. The contract becomes active with a positive pivotal trial readout. Russ onboards the new CCO within 2-4 weeks of the data read out and “steps out” when the CCO has their footing. Russ is available as a “Commercial Consigliere” to the CCO on an ongoing basis.

Commercialization Strategy by Key Geography

Bridge conducts the commercial assessments and defensible revenue forecasts for each priority geography and our transaction experts define both strategy and deal terms and then execute in key those geographies.